Oklahoma City, you were so kind to us! Great people, beautiful land, and gorgeous blue skies. ☀️

There are many beautifully colored murals throughout the city but The Factory Obscura really caught our eye. This city-based company creates immersive experiences that will leave you in a state of wonder! 🤩

While in Oklahoma we were thrilled to meet up with Stephanie Stuckey at one of the original Stuckey's. Stephanie visited our store earlier in the year and we couldn't wait to return the favor. 

We were intrigued to learn about Stuckey's, as their story is very similar to ours. Like us, W.S. “Sylvester” Stuckey, Sr. began with a borrowed truck and a loan. 

With that truck and the loan (from his grandmother), W.S. drove around the countryside and bought pecans from local farmers to sell at his stand, along with local honey and souvenirs. His wife, Ethel, added her delicious homemade candies – southern delicacies like pralines, Divinities, and the iconic Pecan Log Rolls. Like us, they grew and became more and more popular over time, but these delicious treats can still be enjoyed to this day!

Overall 10/10 experience, OKC! 🥰


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