WHNT Covers Unclaimed Baggage & TBEX

WHNT Covers Unclaimed Baggage & TBEX

WOW!! What a whirl wind of national & international blogging excellence! We LOVE TBEX and all the amazingly talented people in attendance.

"During the next few days we will reach over 200 million impressions for the city of Huntsville from the attendees here," said Rick Calvert, TBEX CEO. That is a lot of online attention for the Rocket City and surrounding area.

Travel blog giant Johnny Jet said he was "pleasantly surprised" by what he found in Huntsville as soon as he got off the plane. He remarked on the great airport.

"Everything I've seen is really nice," he said of the city.

Jet's website, JohnnyJet.com, is highly successful.

"My website gets about a little over half a million visitors a month," he said. "I'll share live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest," said Jet. "I'll write about it, share photos."

It's work like his that the city's businesses, festivals and leaders are counting on.

"TBEX does a lot for us," said Matt Pittman of Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, which set up a booth at TBEX and has interacted with many bloggers. "It's getting our name out in the community."

Thanks so much for sharing WHNT!! Go to WHNT to catch more coverage on TBEX. We'll be posting more on the conference and our experience soon.

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