What Makes A Quality Handbag

What Makes A Quality Handbag

What Makes A Quality Handbag?

A question many of us ask ourselves is “Are designer handbags really worth the price?” It’s hard to decide if it’s worth spending the extra money on a handbag when you can find inexpensive ones everywhere.

However, one thing most designer bags (and a lot of mid-tier priced bags) promise that inexpensive bags can’t is high-quality construction. The odds are better that you will keep the purse longer and make it worth the investment if you choose one that is made well. So how do you spot a quality handbag? Here are some easy tells to let you know if a bag is worth it or not:


One of the easiest ways to know if a bag is quality or not is to check out the hardware. Are the zippers plastic, nylon coil or metal? Zippers with nylon coil teeth are most commonly used in handbags, so it’s easy to differentiate when designers use more expensive and durable materials like zippers with metal teeth. Also look at the metal details of the bag in general. Is the company logo engraved in the metal? Can you tell that the metal isn’t very sturdy? These are all great things to look for and consider when purchasing a bag.


Is the bag genuine leather? You’ll be able to tell by the smell. Now maybe don’t go sniffing every bag you see, as sometimes manufacturers can dupe you with artificial leather fragrance, but it is one way to tell immediately if a bag is worth further inspection. From there, check out the materials tag or additional details to be sure the bag is actually leather.


Check and see if the handbag has little metal feet on the bottom. This isn’t always the be all end all tell for a quality handbag, as many designer bags don’t have them. However, feet are a really great thing to look for in a handbag, because they will give the bag something to rest on other than the bottom surface of the bag itself. By protecting the bottom of the bag, you’ll be able to keep it longer.


Notice the stitching of the handbag. Is it fraying in any way? Is the stitching even? This is an excellent way to tell a designer bag from a fake, and also to tell if a bag is well-constructed in general.


In less expensive bags, you can definitely tell a lack of quality in the inner lining. If it feels cheap, it probably is. Often times, cheaper lining will come undone from the bag or holes will form, making it annoying or impossible to use. Be sure to look at the inside of the bag to see if the manufacturer took that extra step to make the inside look as good and be as functional as the outside.


Some handbags will actually come with a warranty if something goes wrong. Say the strap breaks or a zipper becomes misaligned, you can send the bag in for repair. If a bag has a warranty, the company feels confident enough in the quality of their products to take on this extra cost. It’s always a wise choice to spring for a bag with a manufacturer’s warranty so you know you can keep the bag for a long while, even if something were to go wrong.

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