Weird & Wonderful Unclaimed Finds of 2020

Weird & Wonderful Unclaimed Finds of 2020

Have you ever wondered what fun and bizarre treasures we unload? Well, good news, we are thrilled to share some of our favorite finds that got us through 2020.
Our staff truly enjoys the uniqueness of what every bag presents, from the expected to the weird & wonderful. Much like our customer base, we receive items that represent the world and all it has to offer. Whether it’s rare, autographed books, 1-of-a-kind paintings, jewelry, or a Bavarian Nutcracker…we have something fun for your personal collection!  
See you in the hunt! 

Kobe Bryant Autographed Epoca The Tree of Ecrof

Union South African Vintage Knife

US Marine Corps Officers Saber

21K Fancy Ball Filigree 34" Necklace

Beethoven Symphonie III 1814 Vintage

1920's Wooden Mask From Central, Java, Indonesia

5 Vintage Comic Books

Set of Turkish Coins

Natural Bavarian Nutcracker

Bacon & Cheese Crick-ettes 1G

1950's Vintage Milking Stool

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