Unclaimed Baggage Loves Lydia Allen

Unclaimed Baggage Loves Lydia Allen

Local community means everything to us! We travel all around Alabama and do our best to connect outside of social media and this blog your reading now. It’s important for us to keep one of our core values intact by putting a face to a brand and be transparent in who we are. We love y’all and couldn’t be more excited to share your stories. They’re too awesome to not.

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Lydia Allen. Lydia is a Barista at Alchemy Lounge in Huntsville, Alabama. Her faith, passion, general bubblieness and sincere approach to life became apparent the first time we met her. Her outside the box thinking with style instantly sparked our interest to invite her out and check out the store. We have such a cornucopia of styles that we knew Lydia would fall in love immediately.

UBC: So, you’re here today from Huntsville to do a fashion shoot. What sparked your interest in the items you picked to shoot today? And tell us a little about your experience here at Unclaimed.

Lydia: One thing I love about Unclaimed Baggage is that it’s captures the mentality of America, where we are a melting pot of a bunch of different cultures and people groups, and I tried to really reflect that in the outfits I chose because each piece was unique and pulled from different subcultures or different geographical locations and I think that that is something extremely fascinating.

UBC: I’m sure you had an idea of what items you wanted to shoot, or looks you were going for, but like you said, we’re so unique and we get tons of new items every day. What were your thoughts when you came in the store and were looking through the racks?

Lydia: I always go to shoes first when building an outfit- mainly because that’s something that limits me, but also inspires me a lot. So, I checked out guy shoes and found an awesome pair of kicks that I really liked. And for a more fall look, I like to incorporate cool tones, as well as the traditional warmer toned items. So, with the lilac jumpsuit, I loved it because it was kind of almost like calling toward winter a little bit, but warm and comfortable at the same time.

UBC: The styles you picked were very unique and diverse from items we’ve featured in the past- one of the reasons we want to feature you and your finds. You also found a fur piece, so tell us a little about why you chose that.

Lydia: That look was inspired by video game characters. I found these amazing combat boots and often times, these types of styles aren’t featured as much. I thought it would be cool to give Unclaimed this “look” that spoke to a demographic that hasn’t really had any light shed on it. When I found the fuzzy jacket and the mustard colored tunic, I loved that it was all very versatile. But the look I chose was a very daring and bold look.

UBC: Versatile is right! Many of those pieces could be paired in any way, shape, or form. What did you love most about the process of shopping for those items?

Lydia: Once I found one item, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with. It was so easy for me to be inspired to find entire outfits and even interchange the items.

UBC: That’s so cool. Thanks so much Lydia for coming out and sharing your story with us.

Check out Lydia’s Instagram to follow along with her unique style and finds shopping with us. You never know what you’ll find!


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