Unclaimed Baggage Guest Feature // Jeff Olyniec

Unclaimed Baggage Guest Feature // Jeff Olyniec

We had the pleasure of catching up with veteran shopper Jeff Olyniec, and asked what keeps him coming back to Unclaimed Baggage even though he now lives in China; fostering the growth of the worlds ever engulfing tech demands.

Thanks for your time Jeff!

UBC: How many times do you get to visit UBC a year?

Jeff: About 3 or 4 times a year. I actually worked here for a while when I was back and forth living in China. I was back in the states for while with my soon to be wife. I had a job lined up in Atlanta but was about 3 months out and needed a place to work, so I worked here in operations sorting through unclaimed bags.

Now I have a couple companies, mostly manufacturing, out of China. I manufacture touch screens for a lot of the devices people use daily.

UBC: Traveling as much as you do and the places you’ve seen in your line of work, what keeps you coming back to UBC?

Jeff: Oh man I go searching through everything, finding the little gems, you know. I’m normally on a mission for my wife and kids finding things for them. For me though, dress clothes are awesome. If I need work clothes, good office clothes, I come here first. It’s good stuff, and cheap!

UBC: Being in the tech industry, when you come here can you easily identify what’s a steal in our mezzanine?

Jeff: Oh yeah. Cameras and computers, they’re a fraction of the cost retail. And if you come here a lot you’ll catch the big finds. There are daily good deals and then there are great deals that pop in at random. If you come in once a year you may not find those elevated deals that a daily or weekly shopper will.

UBC: Speaking of dress cloths, we have a lot to choose from. What’s been your best find to date?

Jeff: In my line of work, I go through shoes really fast. I was in the market for really nice handmade quality pair of shoes that would last. I found a pair I really like for around $500. I know, way too much, but they served their purpose. I bought them, then a week later I came here and no joke, the same pair, $39 dollars!

UBC: Wow! What brand were they?

Jeff: It was a while ago but I think they were Alden’s, got them from Macy’s off the shelf.

If there is one thing that's consistent with us, it's that you truly never know what you'll find. We hope you enjoy following along with us on these mini interviews. Let us know your story by emailing lovetoshop@unclaimedbaggage.com .

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