Travel Love Fashion // Kristi Evans Knows How To Shop

Travel Love Fashion // Kristi Evans Knows How To Shop

TBEX was great and connected us with a lot of great people from all over the nation and world. One of those folks is Kristi Evans, a travel blogger that focuses on fashion, fitness, stories, and tips from her experiences as she travels.

Knowing she would be joining us for a store tour, we wanted to capture her experience and fashion finds. Here’s what she had to say:

UBC: Is this your first time to Unclaimed Baggage?

KE: This is the first time I’ve been to Unclaimed Baggage. Love it!

UBC: We meet through TBEX and you’re here as a part of the post event trips. Thank you for choosing us as a part of your Alabama experience. Is this your first time to TBEX?

KE: Yes, first time to TBEX, first time to Alabama, the first time to the South

UBC: WOW, welcome!! So what is you first impression?

KE: I love it! Everyone is so nice. Unclaimed Baggage has the best stuff. I could literally shop here for three days straight. It’s been really fun.

UBC: Good! We aim to please.

UBC: You’ve now had the chance to experience our store for a few hours. What are some of the thing that stick out the most?

KE: I was really surprised by the quality of most of the items. Things look new and I think it comes down to the fact that people aren’t trying to get rid of this stuff, it’s been lost.

UBC: Our store is huge and you’ve only had a few hours to really dive in. What kind of time would you recommend our guest to dedicate when shopping with us?

KE: Honestly, you can find something in any time that you have. I mean, we found five full outfits in two hours (editor’s note: AND did a full photo shoot), that’s incredible! I would recommend to stay as long as you can. I didn’t even get the chance to look at denim or jewelry and now we have to leave. I need more time LOL!

UBC: We have guests that come in and dedicate the whole day to shopping with us. Because we’re constantly restocking our shelves with 5,000-7,000 new items a day they get to experience “the find” daily. We literally have a whole new store every day.

KE: Yeah, I need to come back to Alabama just for this store.

UBC: You’re welcome anytime.

Go to Travel Love Fashion to read Krisi’s take on Unclaimed Baggage as well as more shots of the outfits she put together. We loved working with her and capturing the great finds she found so quickly. Honestly, she has a gift!

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