Top 10 Things to Do on Your Trip to Scottsboro

Scottsboro is a thriving community in northeast Alabama with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages. If you’re planning a visit to Scottsboro, you can’t miss all the fun and exciting activities our town has to offer. Here are 10 of our favorites.


1. Visit Alabama’s oldest soda fountain

Located on Scottsboro’s historic downtown square, Payne’s Sandwich Shop and Soda Fountain is the oldest soda fountain in Alabama. Payne’s was originally founded in 1869, but its interior has been remodeled over the years and is now an aesthetic throwback to the iconic diners of the 1950s. Stop by for a sandwich, ice cream, and a peanut Coke!


2. Hike the Walls of Jericho

If you love the great outdoors, lace up your boots and take a hike at Walls of Jericho Trailhead, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the South”. The sprawling hiking trail features canyons, a limestone gorge, waterfalls, wildlife, and lush foliage. Walls of Jericho spans over 21,000 acres in Alabama and Tennessee. 


3. Explore the land of lost luggage 

Unclaimed Baggage is the only retailer of unclaimed luggage in the United States, attracting over one million visitors every year from all 50 states and over 40 countries. Stop by to browse our retail store--which is larger than a city block!--and save a little time to unpack an unprocessed suitcase during our daily Baggage Experience at 2:30 p.m.


4. Shoot for the stars 

Just a short 45-minute drive from Scottsboro, you’ll find the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. The Space & Rocket Center is the nation’s largest space museum. It features space exhibitions, special events, guided tours of the Saturn V Hall, bus tours of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (only a few minutes down the road!), and much more. You can even experience simulators like the Moon Shot or the G-Force Accelerator. 


5. Visit the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center

The Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center is part of the U.S. Civil Rights Trail and is located within walking distance of Unclaimed Baggage. Joyce Chapel Methodist Church houses the museum, a living memorial commemorating the Scottsboro Nine, a group of young African American men who were falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of rape in 1931. Read more about the Scottsboro Nine here.


6. Go boating or kayaking 

Jackson Park and Goose Pond Colony Resort are perfect for boating, kayaking, golfing, camping, and outdoor recreation. Even better, you can get a rental boat or kayak for the day and enjoy exploring the picturesque scenery, complete with a beautiful view from the water.


7. Enjoy the spectacular river view

Stop by Weathington Park just outside Scottsboro for a breathtaking view of the Tennessee River. Bring a picnic, take some photos, or stay until sunset at this unique park, which spans 13 acres that overlook the river.


8. Go antiquing 

Step back in time at one of the many antique shops in the area: Scottsboro Antiques, located 200 yards from Unclaimed Baggage. Scottsboro Antiques features 30,000 square feet of treasures--and it’s a great stop to add to your shopping day while you’re in town.


9. Experience one of Alabama’s best cheeseburgers 

Pit stop for lunch at Pikeville Store & Grill, where you can enjoy one of Alabama’s best cheeseburgers--with a serving of Moon Pie banana pudding for dessert. It’s open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., so be sure to plan your day around this delicious experience.


10. See the Pisgah Gorge waterfalls 

Explore the impressive pair of waterfalls at the Pisgah Gorge, just west of Scottsboro across the Tennessee River. The Gorge is home to rare plants that aren’t generally found in our region of the South. This unique plant life attracts botanists from all over the country, and outdoor enthusiasts love hiking the scenic trails. 

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