Support Local with Jessi Gross

Support Local with Jessi Gross

The power of social media is strong. AND… sometimes, when you tag us on Instagram… we might just come sweep you up, take your portrait, and share your story with our community. That’s what we did with Jessi Gross! Come to find out… she’s been enjoying Unclaimed Baggage for over 10 years!!!

UBC: You grew up in Scottsboro?

Jessi: I did, I grew up here. Actually, my home town is in Hollywood, Alabama. I live back in the middle of now were in a log house. My dad is a taxidermist and my mom is a kindergarten teacher. I grew up always out in the country doing country girl things, but I always loved fashion as well. After school I would come here and shop your store, normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I became known at school as “the girl who never had the same outfit”. Because I was coming to Unclaimed Baggage and getting my clothes for pennies on the dollar.

UBC: That’s awesome!! So now where are you located?

Jessi: I live in Louisville, KY. I’ve been there for ten years and have stayed true to supporting local business, consignment shops, Good Will and other shops like Unclaimed Baggage but nothing quite like Unclaimed Baggage. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been a mall or department store.

UBC: So, wait, 13 years only buying unclaimed stuff?

Jessi: Well yeah, but also local small business, nothing like a mall or department store.

UBC: Thank you so much for supporting locally! That’s a big deal especially to smaller communities. We stick by the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle for sure.

Jessi: YES! It’s a great philosophy for fashion too!!

UBC: We love connecting with our community, people like yourself that have been supporting us for over a decade.

Jessi: Oh my gosh, I’ve meet so many people here. Even in Louisville, people ask me “where did you get that” and I proudly say, ‘Unclaimed Baggage’. So, it’s been a good point of conversation for most of my professional life.

UBC: Thank you so much for tagging us on Instagram! We love seeing people’s stories unfold when they visit us. Thank you for your time Jessi!! We’ll see you next round!

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