Ski Style: 5 Must-Haves To Stay Warm (And Stylish!) On The Slope

Ski Style: 5 Must-Haves To Stay Warm (And Stylish!) On The Slope

Hot chocolate, snowy skies, cozy cabin … it’s almost time for winter and all of your favorite cold-weather outdoor activities! And you know what else that means? It’s almost time for the Unclaimed Baggage Annual Winter and Ski Event!

Before you hit the slopes, we can help with your winter gear shopping list to make sure you’re prepared and looking good. Here are a few of our recommendations on what to snag at the sale:

Classic Waterproof Jacket

If you’re planning on a day playing in the snow, you need a quality waterproof jacket. Ladies, you can take a style cue from the late Princess Diana and go for a cute puffer jacket like one from The North Face, Moncler or Canada Goose. As for the best men’s winter jackets, brands like Arc’teryx or Columbia are a perfect pick. Look for added touches like zipped pockets for keys and Gore-Tex construction for weather protection.

Knit Headwear

Although the belief that you lose the most heat from your head is kind of an old wives’ tale, it’s still important to cover your head when you’re out in the cold. Be sure to wear a helmet to protect your head during snow sports, but afterwards, a knit cap is the perfect addition to your winter outfit. Find one with a pop of color or a fun pom pom to give it something special!

Quality Tech Gloves

Your average pair of department store gloves just isn’t going to cut it on the slopes. Look for options that are waterproof, stylish and grippy to keep you steady and warm while you’re on your snowy adventures.

Sturdy Ski Pants

One surprising fact about winter sports that newbies might not know is that in spite of the cold, it can really heat up when you’re hard at play! The best ski pants will be warm and waterproof but at the same time lightweight and breathable. Pair these with a cozy sweater for the perfect basic ski outfit.

Warm Underlayers

When it comes to winter sports — and winter in general — the key to staying comfortable temperature-wise is layering. Much like a house needs a good foundation, your winter wardrobe needs good base layers. Gravitate toward moisture-wicking base layer shirt options so you’re less likely to get clammy on the slopes. And if the temperature is headed towards the single digits, it’s wise to wear a pair of quick-drying leggings underneath your ski pants as well.

If you are traveling somewhere and needing the perfect ski gear to hit the slopes; or just trying to stay warm while looking stylish, Unclaimed Baggage has you covered. For more information about our 2019 Winter and Ski Event make sure you visit our Upcoming Events page to plan your trip to Unclaimed Baggage!


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