Redeeming the Lost and Rejected For Good: A Series

Redeeming the Lost and Rejected For Good: A Series

Chapter 1:

Life Resource Services of Jackson County

Since the beginning, the mission and purpose of Unclaimed Baggage has been to redeem the lost, unclaimed, and rejected for good. Through our charitable foundation, Reclaimed For Good, we are able to partner with organizations all around the globe to give lost items new life and, in turn, help change lives for the better. Today we celebrate our partnership with LIFE Resource Services of Jackson County. 

LIFE Resource Services of Jackson County is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization who has the mission to help those who are struggling with homelessness by providing resources to help rebuild their lives. Throughout 2021, LIFE Resource Services successfully housed over 40 individuals in Jackson County!

Their services include (but are not limited to): 

Providing a warm/cool and safe place to stay during daytime hours

Helping individuals gain access to permanent housing

Linking individuals to emergency resources

Assisting individuals to obtain and maintain adequate financial income through job placement, continuing education, and other benefits they may be entitled to

Offering a shower facility, laundry facility, haircuts, library, computer lab, daily hot meals, food pantry, clothing closet, and so much more

We are thrilled to be just a small fraction of all the good work Life Resource Services is orchestrating in our community. Take a look at a few ways Unclaimed Baggage and Reclaimed For Good have partnered with Life Resources:

1) Food and Hygiene Drive

In celebration of 2021’s Giving Tuesday, we held an internal and external food and hygiene drive which encouraged both guests and UB team members to donate non-perishable food and essential hygiene items for the individuals served by Life Resources. We were able to donate hundreds of items to help stock their pantries thanks to the generosity from our guests and team. 

2) "Roll-Up" Initiative

Also in celebration of Giving Tuesday, we offered our guests the chance to “roll up” their total to the nearest dollar at checkout. All roll-up proceeds went directly to Life Resources. Thanks to the generosity from our amazing guests, we were able to donate $500 to this incredible cause! 

3) Blankets

Many blankets left on planes, trains, or tucked away in a forgotten suitcase eventually come to us throughout the year. Although some go to our sales floor, some we collect for donations. We reclaimed an entire truckload of blankets for good by donating them to Life Resources! 

4) Gift Cards

As with blankets, thousands of lost and forgotten gift cards of all sorts come to us during the year. Instead of simply throwing them away, our team checks the balances. If a balance remains, we use them for various donations through our Reclaimed For Good program. We’ve redeemed lost gift cards for good to Life Resources to help cover essential costs so their dollars may continue blessing those in our area.  

Are you interested in supporting the mission of Life Resource Services of Jackson County? Visit their website here: Home | liferss ( connect with them through their Facebook page: LIFE Resource Services of Jackson County | Facebook

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Hebrews 13:16

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