Pathfinders Visit UBC

Pathfinders Visit UBC

We love to travel, so when we heard there was a group of likeminded travelers in the store we wanted to capture them and their story. Fortunately we were able to wrangle them all together and ask Glen (bottom center) a few questions about their adventures.

UBC: So, you, your wife, and 15 kids are on a bus trip all the way from Maryland. How did that all come to be?

Glen: I run a youth program called “Pathfinders” at Wilbur Church in Hagerstown, Maryland. Pathfinders is a co-ed youth group, similar to Boy Scouts. About 15 years ago, my wife and I wanted to do something special for the kids and take them somewhere where they could learn and have fun experiences. So, when school got out, we decided to take the whole group on a ‘family road trip’. Over the past 15 years, we’ve been to about 20 different states ranging anywhere from 8 to 10 day long trips.

UBC: Where did you take your first trip?

Glen: Our first trip was to South Dakota, which was just too far for eight days.

UBC: So, from Maryland to here, where all have you been and where do you plan to go?

Glen: Last night we were in Chattanooga, Tennessee, tonight we’re in Jackson, Mississippi. Then we’ll slow down from there and head to Vicksburg, Mississippi, then Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Gulfport, Mississippi, to Mobile, Alabama, then head back to Maryland from there.

UBC: Wow! That’s a tight schedule. In all that scheduling, what made you decide to come to Unclaimed Baggage?

Glen: We do a lot of research ahead of time to see what’s along the route. We choose a destination, which was Louisiana, and then we decide what we want to see on the way there. Unclaimed Baggage came up pretty high on the list. Two months ago we showed the kids 60 different places in a slideshow and let them vote on which places they’d like to go, and Unclaimed Baggage was one of the top 5 out of the 60!

UBC: That’s great to hear! We love that you take these kids to see parts of America that they may not get the opportunity to see and we’re glad that we were a stop along the way!


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