Our Pals From Kennesaw, GA

Our Pals From Kennesaw, GA

We love our community!! Both local and outlying.

Nathan, Gabby, Sam, and Michael’s story is amazing. Thanks guys for driving over and checking us out!! Can’t wait to see y’all next time!

UBC: So what brings you in to Unclaimed baggage from Kennesaw, GA?

Michael: I have a friend who was asking me about camera advice, “what camera do I need? What should I start out with?” I told him that I have a 70D and love it and if he wants to go Canon I’d recommend a Rebel then he could just switch out all the lenses. A Rebel may not be the best of the best but at least he would be learning. He said “me and my girlfriend were going to drive to this place called Unclaimed Baggage in the middle of nowhere Alabama and look for a laptop and see what cameras were there.”

My friend called you guys and found out that you have several 70D’s here for around $100 to $200 bucks, so I told him I’d come over here and buy it, take it home, and use it for one of my projects then hand it over. Come to find out, you guys also had a Canon 5D Mark III, I was like, alright, I have to drive down there in the next couple days.

The next day I thought “this has to be too good to be true”, so I look you guys up, saw the photos on Facebook and Instagram, saw the website and was like, this is awesome! I called to talk to someone and ended up talking for an hour and found out all kinds of awesome things you guys had in store (Editor’s Note: That was our very own Michelle Harris (Retail Supervisor), she rocks). So, we all got together this morning and drove over.


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