Mid-City Huntsville, AL Visit & Interview with Nadia Niakossary

Mid-City Huntsville, AL Visit & Interview with Nadia Niakossary

Huntsville, AL is our home away from home, so we love to explore what the city is doing… weekly actually! One of our new favorite spots in HSV is The Camp at Mid-City, where we can watch Mid-City grow and become an amazing center for families and friends to gather. We can’t WAIT until it’s fully operational!!

While exploring The Camp, we meet Nadia and she showed us a few spots that would be great for photos. At the time she didn’t know we were there shooting product to show you fine folks and after a few areas of the camp were captured we let Nadia know that we’re Unclaimed Baggage. “No way! I got this jacket at Unclaimed!”… and here we are now with a fun interview telling Nadia’s story.

gCan I just say that we love meeting people randomly that have visited our store and love it!! I know that seems obvious, but we put our heart and soul into building our brand putting our guests first, so fun stories like this puts a big smile on our face.

UBC: Thanks for your time Nadia! Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Mid-City Huntsville.

Nadia: I’m a Project Coordinator for RCP Companies who’s the developer of Mid-City Huntsville. We do event activation at The Camp in order to do marketing for Mid-City. People come hang out here and can watch Mid-City grow!

UBC: So tell us about your Unclaimed Baggage find!

Nadia: I found this J Brand jacket at Unclaimed. I saw it and needed a jean jacket so bad. I wanted it to be distressed but not with big holes or anything, and this is just perfect! Really great fit. I took it to Chicago with me right after I got it. I actually moved there about this time last year and this jacket got me through everything. I put sweaters under it, dresses under it in the spring, this jacket is awesome!

Thanks so much for your time Nadia!!

Also… fun fact, this jacket retails at $298. Nadia got it for $35!! Go follow Nadia on Instagram @three6nadia and check out her fun travels! #claimtheunclaimed


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