Mary Beth Styles Visits UBC

Mary Beth Styles Visits UBC

We LOVE connecting with long time shoppers like Mary Beth! Mary Beth started tagging us on Instagram a few months ago modeling her Unclaimed Baggage finds and we fell in love. Mary Beth is a stylist, closet editor, and personal shopper, so she knows how to find the best deals on our racks. Yesterday she was visiting us and we were able to meet up for an impromptu photo shoot and interview.

It was really great meeting you Mary Beth!! Thank you for your time, we’ll see you next time!

MB: My mother and I started coming here when I was about 10 years old, and back then, I wasn’t into fashion as much as I am now, so I would DIG in the CDs for hours.

UBC: Back when CDs were even a thing!

MB: Yeah! And it sort of became a thing where she would give me Christmas money, and then we’d come here to spend it and spend the day together, and then she’d give me money for my birthday, and then we would come here and spend the day together. So, it’s just kind of been a thing that her and I do.

UBC: How many years would you say you’ve been doing that with your mother?

MB: Around 18 years, and we probably came here once or twice a month.

UBC: That’s awesome! So, from all of the years coming here, what’s the most favorite or memorable thing you’ve gotten?

MB: Well, when I’m not doing fashion, I’m a performer. I do musical theatre, so I’m always looking for gowns and things I can wear for events where I sing.

UBC: Where do you perform at?

MB: In Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, I’ve performed at the Memorial Auditorium, along with other venues.

UBC: Anything up and coming that we can give a shout-out to?

MB: Yeah! The Spitfire Grill the Musical, it’s going to be at The Colonnade, right outside of Chattanooga. I believe it will show in the second week of November.

UBC: Awesome! You’ve tagged Unclaimed Baggage in a few images on Instagram of outfits with items you’ve found in the store. So, what are your thoughts when you develop that outfit?

MB: My favorite thing is finding something unique that I know I can only get here. Particularly, one of my recent posts, I had a dress that I found that was a Korean brand, and I wouldn’t ever have access to that if it weren’t for Unclaimed. And I think it’s mostly exciting that I can find something unique that no one else here would have.

Go to Mary Beth Styles and check out more info on her. We're really into her vibe all around. OH... and also go check out her Instagram for all things fashion!


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