Lions Club Gives Back!

Lions Club Gives Back!

We meet up with Mechele Mosley and Dr. Bill Coleman from the Lions Club last week. They brought in a donation of $500 in support of our Hearts for Houston relief effort so we took some time to ask them a few questions to share with you fine folks. We hope you enjoy!

Bill: We’ve been working with Unclaimed Baggage for more than 30 years, which started with the founder, Doyle Owens and one of our early Lions Club presidents. We recently awarded a state award from the Alabama State Lions Club for the service Unclaimed has provided to our club in Scottsboro, as well as the state club. The biggest service you provide is the donation of eyeglasses. Over the past 20 years there have been 1.2 million pairs of eyeglasses that have been donated.

Mechele: On top of that, we have a huge fundraiser every year where we host a hot-dog dinner and bingo, and Unclaimed always donates the prizes. It’s been a great relationship.

UBC: Where do these eyeglasses go?

Bill: 14,000 per year go to the Alabama Lions Club vision mission of Mexico. Beyond that, they go on multiple church missions from churches all around Alabama. Some went to Guatemala and some went to Honduras. We recently sent eyeglasses on a mission trip to Peru actually.

UBC: It’s wonderful to hear that these are being distributed all around the globe!

Mechele: Our position is that, Unclaimed has been helping us for 30 years, so when we saw your ‘Hearts for Houston’ program we felt like it was time to give back.

UBC: We have appreciated your partnership for the past 30 years and it’s great to have a club in our community, like the Lion’s Club, who is so willing to help out and donate to a cause like Hearts for Houston.


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