Guest Feature // Julie Norton

Guest Feature // Julie Norton

Our guests are the best!! Julie Norton came in to visit all the way from Castroville, California! Julie took part in our Baggage Experience and could have easily ran it herself! She knows all about UBC and the found treasures that have graced us with their presence over the years.

UBC: So… everyone knows where Castroville, CA is…? (we both laugh)

Julie: LOL, Castroville is two hours south of San Francisco and about 20 minutes north of Monterey.

UBC: Wow, so, what is Castroville, CA known for?

Julie: It’s the artichoke capital of the world!

UBC: So you probably know all types of recipes for artichoke dishes?

Julie: No… LOL! But we are about two towns away from the garlic capital of the world.


Julie: I live in area known as the “salad bowl” and everything grows there except for pineapples and bananas.

UBC: Can we come visit?! That sounds delicious.

UBC: Ok, so why Unclaimed Baggage? What made you want to come all the way here from California?

Julie: About 10 years ago a friend of mine and I heard about it as one of the places in the country that you just have to see. I never had the opportunity to come all the way out to see; but it turns out that I was going to be in Nashville, looked you guys up, and decided ‘I have to go’!

I connected with an old friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to go on a crazy adventure with me and here we are!

UBC: So I hear you got to do the Baggage Experience.

Julie: We heard it announced over the loud speaker and raced over. I put our names in and waited with a goofy look on my face, just hoping to get picked.

UBC: So what are some fun finds you found so far?

Julie: The first thing I found a was a necklace with a tiny little kaleidoscope that’s actually usable. My daughter always like to borrow my necklaces so now she’ll have a fun one to wear and play with. I also found some stationary, because apparently I have a stationary problem LOL!

Thank you so much Julie for your time and making our week a little bit brighter. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. We hope you had a safe trip back to Castroville.


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