Fun (And Free!) Things To Do With Kids This Winter

Fun (And Free!) Things To Do With Kids This Winter

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Fun (And Free!) Things To Do With Kids This Winter

Once it’s too cold outside to go to the park or send the kids to play in the backyard, what do you do to keep them busy? We feel your struggle. When the stir crazy starts to set in and siblings are squabbling because there’s nothing better to do, break out some of these fun activities to help keep the cabin fever at bay.

DIY Silly Putty

Silly putty is always fun, but it’s even more fun when you make it yourself! Fortunately this classic is super easy to make. Just combine two parts white glue with one part liquid starch in a bowl and mix well. You can choose to add in a drop of food coloring to give it the hue of your choice. Let dry until the putty is workable. You may have to add a bit more glue or starch. Store in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out.

Watch Old Home Movies

If you have older children, try resurrecting the old family videos instead of your normal movie night. Kids can be entertained for a while just watching themselves when they were small.

Draw Life-Sized Portraits

Have the little ones take turns laying down on the back side of a roll of wrapping paper, and let them trace each other’s outlines. Once they have the outlines, they can color on them to make their own self-portrait.

Make Christmas Cookies

Letting children help bake cookies can get a little messy, but a little mess never hurt anyone. Give everyone a job in the kitchen to make a big batch of holiday cookies and let your kiddos have a sense of pride while they learn something new. Don’t forget the Christmas cookie cutters! Even the littlest hands can help decorate the finished cookies. Be sure to stock up on different color icing and sprinkles.

No Screen Zone

Declare a screen-free day and spend your time playing board games, charades or doing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle together. Let the kids take turns picking a game for the family to play.

Create A Time Capsule

This is a great activity for children young and old. It’s always interesting to see the message you sent yourself after a year has passed. Make a list of questions for your child to fill out like their favorite movie, favorite food, happiest day they can think of, etc. They could draw a picture for their future self and include little toys for them to open up in a year. Use a shoebox or empty cereal box to contain all their treasures and find a good place to hide it until next year. Bonus—you can break the time capsule out next year on a cold day for entertainment that keeps on giving!

Camp Out (In)

Even though it’s freezing out, camping season doesn’t have to be over. Set up tents/sleeping bags in the living room and sleep there overnight. Tell spooky ghost stories and bake no fire s’mores in the oven to get the full effect. This would also be an awesome opportunity to try your hand at making shadow puppets with a flashlight on the living room wall.

Make Greeting Cards

Let the kiddos make DIY Christmas cards with all the bells and whistles! Then take a field trip together to deliver their masterpieces to residents of a local nursing home.

Play ‘Getting To Know You’

How well do you really know each other? Take turns coming up with a question about yourself with multiple choice answers. You can battle it out as a family to see who knows who best. Each correct answer is worth one point and whoever gets the most points gets a special treat!

Holiday Hours

NEW! Extended Holiday Hours between now and the end of the year:

  • Thursdays: open LATE until 7 pm
  • Fridays: open LATE until 7 pm

Tuesday, December 4th: Closed at 5 pm for our Team Members to enjoy our Company Christmas Party

  • Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve): 9am-3pm
  • Tuesday, December 25th: Closed
  • Wednesday, December 26th: 9a-6p
  • Thursday, December 27th: 9a-7p
  • Friday, December 28th: 9a-7p
  • Saturday, December 29th: 8a-7p


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