Unclaimed Baggage Guest Feature // Emmalee Martinez

Unclaimed Baggage Guest Feature // Emmalee Martinez

We caught up with Florence, AL local singer, songwriter, photographer and all around coffee lover, Emmalee Martinez; and asked her about her Unclaimed Baggage experience over the years.

UBC: How did you first hear about Unclaimed Baggage?

EM: The first time I heard about you guys I was looking for a camera. I was looking for a nice professional camera and my friend told me to go check out Unclaimed Baggage and your Canon cameras. So I came, found a camera, bought it, and have been shooting ever since. I pretty much tell everyone I know, and not only about your cameras. I worked at a shoe store for a brief moment and would tell people to go to Unclaimed Baggage to find similar styles for less.

UBC: We get all types of guests here at UBC, from all-day shoppers to 20-minute speed shoppers. What kind of shopper are you when you come to UBC?

EM: When I visited for the first time it was overwhelming. I love clothes. It reminded me of a huge thrift store, but a thrift store on steroids. My favorite part is that you have so much variety and you store is clean and well organized. Even so, I still have to dig, be patient, and spend time looking to make sure I don’t overlook the hidden gem in the rack.

UBC: Have you ever come to UBC and left empty handed?

EM: I did once, but keep in mind, I was in the mindset of “I have $20. I’m a broke college kid”. That might be why I came home empty handed (we both laugh). UBC is also a hit or miss I guess you could say. I mean, you can come and find so many things and other times you won’t find anything, for me at least. But, that’s how it is with any store.

We love connecting with our UBC community and hearing your story! Make sure to go check out our Facebook for more images of Emmalee's finds as well as Emmalee's Instagram for an inside look of how she fashions them. You never know what you'll find, and that's a part of the fun!

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