Ann Sampson Celebrates 30+ Years at UBC

Ann Sampson Celebrates 30+ Years at UBC

UBC: So why an airplane ride?

Ann: I’ve never rode on one.

Simple enough! Ann is a woman of few words but I’m sure she could fill several novels worth of stories from three decades of processing and pricing unclaimed baggage. One of the more memorable experiences Ann's had over the years was opening a bag to find a full bear skin, “It had the head sticking out. It was salted down and stunk. They had to put it out on the porch to air out”.

At the age of 75, Ann jokingly requested to take her first plane ride as a reward for her years of dedication and service to us. CEO Bryan Owens took the request to heart and here we are today!

There are a few things that separate a business’s success from failure and we believe the biggest thing that makes us successful is our team members. Without them we wouldn’t have been here for the last 47 years.

Thank you Ann for everything you've brought to our team. You are a true blessing to us both personally and professionally.

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