5 Fashion Trends You Need To Know For Fall 2018

5 Fashion Trends You Need To Know For Fall 2018

5 Fashion Trends You Need To Know For Fall 2018

While we’re still sweating out the Alabama summer, runways all over the world are filled with the latest in fall fashion. Whether it’s pops of magenta, a throwback to the 80s, or some (seriously) wild outerwear choices, we’ve got a handle on what trends are coming to the racks near you!

Although we still have a while to go before it’s chilly enough for your favorite sweater, here at Unclaimed Baggage, we’re also getting into the spirit of the season and rolling out some fall apparel sneak peeks! Check them out and also check out our blog below for what’s new for 2018 fall trends:

1. Capes

While trench coats seemed to dominate last year, we’re seeing a lot of capes hitting the runway this season. You can experiment with this look by pairing a cape with a midi-length skirt, trousers or skinny jeans. If you feel like you can’t pull off a boxy cape, look for one of the many belted options that cinch in the waist while still giving you the romantic cape silhouette.

2. 80's For Days

So you know how you’ve seen everyone breaking out the jelly shoes, chokers and babydoll tees of the 90s lately? Well, brace yourselves, because the trends are pointing to another decade now, and we’re seeing all things 80s coming back to the racks! This is the year of acid wash denim, leather jackets and bold colorblocking.

3. Animal Prints

Animal prints were everywhere on the fall 2018 runway season, from the cheetah look you know and love(?) to new takes on an old favorite with subtle snow leopard. This is definitely a polarizing trend for most people, but maybe this is the season you can incorporate a little pop of print into your wardrobe! If you’re not ready for a full animal print shirt or—gasp—pant, try sneaking the pattern in with a pair of shoes or a crossbody bag.

4. Return of Ruching

This might be another homage to the 80s, but we saw a lot of ruched detailing on the runway this season. Now this is a trend that is wearable for everyone, even the most understated of fashionistas! A ruche, pronounced roosh, is the gathering of a strip of fabric that forms sort of a ripple effect. Not only does that create visual interest, but it also can detract attention from parts of your body you may not be totally comfortable with. If you’d never feel comfortable in a form-fitting dress, look for one with ruched detailing in the places you want to cover up a bit more. Totally flattering trends? We’re in.

5. Mad For Plaid

Plaid is one of our favorites for fall, because it is so versatile! 2018’s take on the look includes more colorful plaids than your traditional lumberjack red and also plaid used in unexpected ways like in a ruffle across a dress. You can choose a head-to-toe plaid look like we saw on the runway, or tackle it in small doses with a clutch or headband.


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