Upcoming Events

Necklaces Galore!

Starting Friday, our jewelry showcases will be stocked with so many different styles and sizes of necklaces, you won't be able to decide on just one.  A number of beautiful squash blossom necklaces will be on display to shop as well as hundreds of other styles.

Bountiful Bracelets

We have bangles, cuff, charm bracelets & more!  So many beautiful silver bracelets, you can easily stack them on your arms for days and never wear the same one twice.

Rings, Rings & More Rings!

Hundreds of rings in a large variety of styles & sizes available.  Beautiful turquoise will be abundant during this event!

Earring bling!

Looking for loops?  We  have them.  Looking for dangly and decorative?  We have that too.  Studs? Certainly! Once these special pieces are sold, no more pieces will be restocked. Better get here quick for best inventory!

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