The Baggage Experience

  • Women sorting luggage at Unclaimed Baggage

The Baggage Experience

Ever wonder what it's like to open an unprocessed bag at Unclaimed Baggage? Join us daily at 2:30 pm Mon.-Sat. and you may get the chance to experience it for yourself.  Every bag tells a story, you never know what you might find! 

DID YOU KNOW?sorting-bins-at-unclaimed-baggage-experience

Unclaimed Bags come to us after an extensive ninety-day process during which the airlines attempt to reunite them with their owners. They arrive in our processing facility by the tractor-trailer load, where they are opened and the contents are sorted.

Our trained Baggage Openers can make up to 25 different decisions about how to handle the various contents. During the Baggage Experience we focus on the four main options: Sell It, Clean It, Give-It-Away, and Trash It.



YOU FOUND WHAT!?women-at-the-unclaimed-baggage-experience

Let's just say, we've found some pretty interesting things over the years, including a live rattlesnake and a shrunken head! Our Baggage Experience guests have found everything from iPads and jewelry, to signed footballs and backpacking gear for K2. 

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GIVE IT AWAY!women-opening-a-suitcase-at-unclaimed-baggage

Did you know we donate or repurpose more than a quarter of what we receive? Find out more about our Reclaimed for Good program and how we assist those in need around the world. 

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CLEAN IT! Sell It!women-sorting-clothing-at-unclaimed-baggage

We clean all of our merchandise that we sell, so naturally we have the largest dry-cleaning facility in the state of Alabama. We launder 50,000 items a month! 

After all of these decisions have been made, we send only the best of our products to the retail floor. This adds up to over 7,000 unique items added to the store daily, so every day is a great day to shop at Unclaimed Baggage. 

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