Unclaimed Baggage Online Store is Here!!

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the much-anticipated launch of our brand new online shop! 

This online store is a continuation of a dream our founder, Doyle Owens, had fifty years ago in 1970: to give lost and unclaimed luggage a second life. Today, we bring his Unclaimed Baggage vision to a new audience, one broader and farther-reaching than he ever dreamed of.

Shoppers can choose from traditional categories like electronics, apparel, shoes and fine jewelry, as well as from less conventional collections of musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, and entertainment. In addition, we feature “New Arrivals” and “Luxe Finds” (one showstopper: a $17,000 diamond tennis bracelet listed for $8,720.99). 

Customers seeking the offbeat will enjoy “Unusual Finds,” a category that reflects the unique treasure hunting story of our brand. Gems range from Bavarian Lederhosen leather shorts to a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series ballcap and anti-radiation boxer briefs. 

For now, we’re starting small, with a sample selection of items you’d normally find in our retail store. New items will be added regularly, and the assortment will be adjusted based on shoppers’ feedback. Be sure to take our brief survey requested on the site to help make your shopping experience even better. And keep checking back to see what’s new. 

Our hope is to give all customers, near and far, the chance to make great finds from the comfort of their home. Whether it’s an iPad, an heirloom watch or the perfect pair of jeans, we have something just for you. That’s the unique fun of the Unclaimed Baggage shopping experience: you never know what you’ll find!

Happy shopping, and be sure to give us your feedback!


- The Unclaimed Baggage Team