Reclaimed for Good // Interview with Mike Elkins

Reclaimed for Good // Interview with Mike Elkins

We caught up with our President, Mike Elkins, to discuss the upcoming Men's Conference with Dr. Steve Farrar. We hope you enjoy and plan on attending!

UBC: Why was Steve Farrar chosen to speak at the Men’s Conference?

Mike: Steve is a man of God. He’s been in ministry for many years and has written many great books. Steve is a man’s man, and in the world that we’re in today, all of us need to hear the Word of God brought to us directly. At UBC, we have a Reclaimed for Good arm and that arm has been through donations, giving back to the community, and this is just another arm we want to go after to help north Alabama, reach the community, to whatever those needs are.

We believe that strength of families and homes starts with a man in the family and Steve is the kind of man who is renowned for this type of ministry. He is focused strictly on men’s leadership. This is our first year, so we’re excited to be able to have a speaker like that who can attend.

UBC: What communities are we aiming to impact with this?

Mike: We’re open to anyone that can hear the message. But specifically, we want to impact Scottsboro and a few of the close surrounding areas and communities.

UBC: Going forward, is Reclaimed for Good going to continue to host events like this?

Mike: Our goal is to have one every year. We already have our second one lined up and will be announcing what that will be at the Men’s Conference August 11th.

UBC: The culture here at Unclaimed Baggage Center is very unique. Could you elaborate on that?

Mike: In a retail business, we believe in taking care of our team members and we want to always give the best experience to our guests. One of our biggest morals is spending time with our families. A lot of people ask, “why aren’t you open on Sundays?”. Sunday is a day where we give back to our team to do their worship, or whatever they want to do. If they chose not to worship, that’s okay. That’s their choice because we put family first. We want to make sure our team can always do what means the most to them on that day. We could make a lot of money if we were open on Sunday, but it’s not about profit, it’s about purpose. Our purpose is to be with our families and worship our God.

Check out more information on our Men's Conference with Dr. Steve Farrar.

Thanks for following along y'all. We hope you have a blessed day!