Giving Back: Willow Street Serve Day

Giving Back: Willow Street Serve Day

Every year, the Unclaimed Baggage team organizes a series of volunteer work days called Willow Street Serve Days. Members of our team, along with volunteers from the community, spend these mornings working together on projects that serve individuals and organizations in our area. 

At one memorable Serve Day, for instance, our team members and volunteers spent the morning working on the grounds at the Scottsboro Boys Museum. All morning long, the team of almost 20 volunteers pressure washed sidewalks, landscaped the grounds, replanted flower beds, mowed the lawn, repainted doors, and removed overgrowth near the property lines. 

The volunteer crew--all dressed in blue--were all smiles until the work was done. Sheila Washington, Executive Director of the Boys Museum, was overwhelmed with appreciation for the much-needed landscaping help. 

The Boys Museum is located just blocks away from Unclaimed Baggage, and it serves as a historical gallery that spotlights the well-known civil rights trial that took place here in Scottsboro. The museum hosts history enthusiasts and tourists from around the globe all year long, is overseen by volunteers, and is financed through private donations. 

Later this year, we’ve got some wonderful Willow Street Serve Day plans in store. Keep up with our latest news here on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram, and feel free to sign up when we post our next work day! 

If you’re on the fence about signing up for a Willow Street Serve Day project, take a look at the video below to see our volunteers in action. There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving back to our community, alongside a few of our closest friends. 

We hope to see you at the next Willow Street Serve Day!