Armed Forces Day Celebration

Armed Forces Day Celebration

We want to recognize those who have, are, or will be serving our great nation during this years Armed Forces Day Saturday May 18th & offer 10% OFF your purchase at checkout this day!

Because of your dedication and sacrifice to our nation, we retain the freedoms that make America the greatest nation in the world. Thank you to all our military branches and the sacrifices you've made for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Not only do we want to celebrate our armed service memebers, we want to recognize family members as well.

From Left to Right:

Service Members: Taly Ola: Marines | Bobby Parsons: Marines | Matt Pittman: Air Force | Wayne Fralick: National Gaurd | Dana Kling: Navy | Jared Newman: Army

Family Members: Abby Edmonds: Grandfather, Army / Father, Air Force / Brother, ROTC | Adair Evans: Father, Army | Ashlyn Shrader: Grandfather, Navy | Jennifer Ball: Brother, Army / Husband, National Guard | Jamie Varner: Father in Law, Air Force | Laura White: Husband, Army | Linda Wallace: Son in Law, Air Force | Debbie McCrary: Father in Law, Army | Deborah Steward: Father, Army / Sister, Navy | Denise Goins: Father, Marines / Father in Law, Navy | Kathy Young: Father, Marines | Marie Thomas: Grandfather, Army | Lacie Dunn: 2 Grandfather's & Brother in Law, Army | Diva Dillard: Three Brothers, Navy / One Brother, Army | Donna Evans (not pictured): Son in Law, Army / Father in Law, National Guard